Smart investments in Italian SMEs

Investment Criteria

CCP focuses its investment strategy on Italian SMEs

  • Backbone of the Italian economy, producing 65% of the country’s added value
  • Value proposition based on exclusive “made-in-Italy” skills and know-how
  • Export-oriented business model
  • Mainly concentrated in the Northern area
  • Held by individuals or families, often with generational issues

Investment Focus Italian SMEs:

  • Revenues in the range of € 10M - € 40M
  • Typically “made-in-Italy” products
  • Above-average profitability
  • No financial distress situations

Deal Type

  • Majority Deals
  • Minority stakes considered in case of active governance and clear way-out route

A unique business model in the Italian Private Equity arena

The Management Team is the youngest and most dynamic within the Italian industry

A simple, clear and structured investment process that aims to reduce asymmetry information between Investors and Promoters

Investors are deeply involved in the decision making process

Focus on Majority Deals or Minority Deals with active governance and clear way-out route

Proprietary deal flow

Focus on export-oriented business model

Hands-on approach on deals

CCP mainly focus its investments in manufacturing businesses characterized by value added industrial processes


Investment Committee

The Investment Committee expresses a preliminarily opinion about the investment opportunities presented by the Team. The Committee is composed by the investors of Cronos Capital Partners, their representatives and independent business experts. For the three-year period 2019-21, the Investment Committee is chaired by Stefano Miccinelli.


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